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Our Comprehensive Guide to Swimming Pool Water Treatment
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The secret to the best pool water is ozone - the most natural and effective way to purify water. Ozone destroys bacteria, viruses and other water-borne contaminants up to 3100 times faster than chlorine without producing any odor, burning eyes or hazardous by-products associated with harsh chemicals - Two Initiatives to Make Pool Water Safer-NSPF. At the same time this approach to pool water purification is environmentally friendly, leaving no harmful chemical by-products in pool water.

Chlorine and other harsh chemicals can keep a pool from being all that it can be. It dries the skin, burns the eyes, nose and throat, and can adversely affect your health - Swimming Pools: An Asthma Risk.

Today’s pool owners are more aware than ever of the inherent dangers of chlorine and its reactive by-product, chloramines. They want a better way to a safe, clean pool. All Olympic swimming pools use ozone as their oxidizer verses chlorine because they want the best - "Crypto Parasite Outbreaks Increasing in Pools Across U.S.

CWT pool systems act effectively both as an alternative and as a compliment to chlorine and other chemical disinfectants in swimming pools, fountains and spas. CWT’s ozone systems deliver bottled water quality by providing the most powerful oxidation commercially available.

  • Clearer, cleaner water
  • Complete sanitation
  • Superior oxidation
  • No residue or chemical by-products
  • No measuring, monitoring or handling of chemicals
  • pH neutral

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