EcoTex - Advanced Laundry Oxidation System

EcoTex approved by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. Read this report on the efficiency of Ozone Systems for Commercial Use in the Healthcare and the Hospitality Industries.
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Read this informative article in this month’s Hotel Business magazine regarding energy efficient technology using OZONE for commercial laundries in the hospitality industry. Read article


ClearWater Tech Conducts Industry's First Independent Linen-Life Study with North Carolina State University and EcoTex Cold-Water Laundering. Read study



The EcoTex name reflects the advanced laundry oxidation systems designed, engineered, manufactured, and distributed by ClearWater Tech, LLC. EcoTex systems enable commercial laundry professionals to replace expensive multi-step wash programs that use excessive chemicals and hot water with cold-water programs that use the power of ozone for disinfection and detergent activation.

Traditional laundry services use hot water to aid chemical activation and provide thermal disinfection. The EcoTex cold water wash system achieves these objectives, while reducing a facility’s energy consumption and extending linen life by as much as 20%. In addition, steps within a wash cycle can be shortened and some even eliminated, which reduces overall water use, electricity, and cycle times. These reductions allow facilities to be more efficient, allowing personnel to provide labor for other tasks.

EcoTex systems are engineered specifically with user-friendly controls and diagnostic panels that can be adjusted to meet diverse laundry requirements. These panels monitor and regulate oxygen flow, oxygen pressure and ozone output from generators that feature glass-dielectric corona discharge reaction chambers.

Integrated with your existing washers, the EcoTex is designed simultaneously to support up to two (2) commercial washers 200 lbs. each. Most importantly the system enables laundry professionals to replace expensive multi-step wash programs that use chemicals and hot water with a cold-water program that uses the power of ozone for disinfection and detergent activation.

  • ROI- in little as 8 months

  • Energy savings

  • Water savings

  • Effluent quality

  • Longer textile life & superior quality

  • Operational efficiency

  • Complete disinfection

  • Rebates available in some states


  • Compact, wall-mounted
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • 0-100% ozone output
  • Ozone safety controls
  • Continuous ozone injection
  • Single and double washer ozone generators
  • Oxygen feed gas system
  • Easy installation




“Since installing the EcoTex ozone system we have saved $45k per year savings in utility costs as well as reducing our water consumption by over a million gallons per year. Our linen is cleaner and brighter than ever and we have lowered our rewash rate by 1.5%. Our return on investment is just over one year.” -James Magnanti, Laundry & Linen Manager, CaroMont Health, Gastonia, NC

"The advantages of using ozone was apparent at the start of operations. It reduced chemical and energy costs to both washers and driers. The linen and "personals" come out of the driers softer and fresher smelling and the reduction of worn out linen is so dramatic we had to acquire wash cloths instead of tearing up our deteriorated inventory. Most noticeable is the reliability of the CWT equipment to deliver ozone day in and day out with very little maintenance". - Tom Heavin, Fox Run Manor, Findlay, OH







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